Authortech Documentation Consultancy
Authortech Documentation Consultancy

Technical documentation that works for you

It is an unfortunate fact that most businesses underrate the importance of good quality documentation, resulting in increased support costs, reduced customer satisfaction, lower prestige, and high levels of frustration all round. As with any discipline, whether it be engineering, marketing, sales, or other area, you need the right specialists to maximise your potential. Technical documentation isn’t any different. You need people with a strong technical background, an eye for detail, and a lot of experience in the type of documentation you want to produce.

This is where Authortech comes in. Its proprietor and main contractor, Michael Bergstrom has a strong technical background in a wide range of disciplines, combined with a lot of experience in documentation of all types. Authortech is without a doubt, one of the leading and most experienced documentation consultancies in the UK. We have excellent references for ALL past contracts, proving that we are the ideal choice for your documentation needs.